Miguel Yaulema


Ecuadorian Artist: painter, sculptor, printmaker-revolutionary of the forms. He initiates his studies in the Municipal School of Beautiful Arts in Guayaquil, 1962-1968. He makes exhibitions of his work in Ecuador and understands the urgent necessity to extend his knowledge in the art and to know other cultures. He undertakes a trip to Colombia, Central American countries, Mexico DF. and New York. It continues towards Ámsterdam, 1969 Paris,

his temporary residence and where in 1970, makes his first personal exhibition of its work in Europe.

It attends the "Atelier Henry Deprest", beginning in the technique of the lithography and where he takes contact with international artists.

Its search and necessity of a new form of plastic expression, starting at its expresionismo and

prevailing cosmovisión, judging the absurd thing of certain reality, the position of the things, and the human being in the planet and the aesthetic pleasure, causes that they evolve through a new concept and makes their first experimental work: "the Blood of the Cóndor", an

inverted world is to say of head, where the simplicity of the daily subject treated in that new way happens, a cause for visual sprout and of emotions of the spectator in front of the work.

Trip through Europe 1972 and West Berlin, would be where he fixes his residence. He forms his studio-atelier. It enters to the HDK "High School of Art", class Prof. Hann Trier and continues the extension of studies in painting, lithography, learns the techniques of the engraving, Screen-printing and photo-work.

In 1974 it leaves the HDK and also it would be the year in which the rupture with its previous form of plastic expression takes place, retaking definitively the inverse sense that the artist denominates "non-conformism". Plastic language, not from eventual time. And of occasion but like new value of reflection in his art to develop in a long way and difficult to cross.

In 1996 in the city of Gütersloh - Germany, the "Galerie Friedemann", unlike galleries in other cities, takes all the risks and makes his first exhibition with his new tendency, with excellent success.

Later its non-conformism takes even more to the extreme, until constructing the figure, destroying and to reconstruct fragmented where the natural anatomical order of the human figure is altered.

Since 1964 he has made numerous personal exhibitions and of group, in Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico DF, Spain, the USA, West Germany , East Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, France, Iran, Japan, Scotland.

The works of Miguel Yaulema are in numerous public and deprived collections in numerous countries of the world.

He lives and it produces his work in Berlin.

1962-1968  study at the academy of art Guayaquil, Ecuador

1968           journey to Colombia, Central America, stay in Mexico D.F.

1969           journey to New York, Amsterdam and Paris

1970           Paris, first personal exhibition in Europe

                   illustration of the book "Luces en la montaña", Darío Lara

1971           introduction to the lithography in the studio "Henry Deprest", Paris

                   1st experimental factory in the reverse meaning: "the blood of the condor”

1972           journey to Berlin, first exhibition in Germany, Munich

                   attendance of the HDK (university of the arts) and participation in the course

                   of Hann Trier

                   Miguel Yaulema assumes definitely the style of the reverse meaning,

                   also "anti-conformalism" mentioned in its pictures

1975           membership in the union of the artists BBK in West Berlin

1985           member of the "gallery auf Zeit" in West Berlin

1989           publication of the book "Berlin - Berlin, insights and some words" an art book with

                   foliography and texts

1997           public monument, sculpture from bronze by Dr. E. Bonilla, Riobamba, Ecuador

2000           public monument, sculpture from bronze and concrete of Monseñor

                   Leonidas Proaño with group of sculptures, Riobamba Ecuador

2002           exhibition in the Museum of the Central Bank of Ecuador in Riobamba, Ecuador

2005           exhibition "Banana new facts" in the Weekend gallery Berlin, Germany